Extensive Manufacturing Experience

Form designs, develops and manufactures custom consumer products for some of the world’s most recognizable brands. We deliver results through our vertically integrated structure, lowering costs while focusing on product integrity and quality. Through our extensive network, our customers can scale nimbly, without the added costs and overhead driven by the global market.

Our team is passionate about helping organizations grow smarter, providing the technical expertise, innovation and creativity vital to their success. Form has over 100 years of combined industry experience. We leverage our expertise to providing our customers with a more seamless and worry-free development and manufacturing process. Our global presence allows us to bridge the communication gap, allowing for quicker decisions, reduced production timelines and overall cost savings.

Cost leaders

We’re consistently lower than our competition through diversification, vertical integration, buying power, and product expertise

Excellence in quality

Our strategic focus on specialization, automation, and industry expertise and allows us to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations

Extensive network and global reach

Our global presence gives us the scalability and flexibility to meet both large scale and small-scale production runs

Quicker lead times and optimized schedules

Our vertically integrated process and nimble structure gives us the ability to work faster and respond quicker than our competitors

Responsive and transparent communication

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We have consistently exceeded expectations through transparent, responsive and honest communication

Expertise in product and packaging design

We have extensive capabilities and support our customers with multiple levels of the design process; including concept illustration, 3D sculpting and graphic design