World class supply chain

We believe in full transparency and understand the significance of social compliance and environmental sustainability in today’s manufacturing world. We make it a point to work with world-class suppliers; all of whom meet or exceed global safety standards, are consistently audited by accredited firms, and have working relationships with the top testing laboratories.

In today’s volatile global market, our customers can trust that we’re committed to confidentiality at every stage of the development process. With a strategic focus on limiting risk, we’ve continued to increase our supplier visibility, conduct routine compliance auditing, strengthen our quality control initiatives and reinforce IP protection. We take accountability throughout the process, while seeking the highest quality and safety standards for all our products.

RoHS Compliance

We’ve implemented procedures to partner with factories that are RoHS compliant (European Directive implemented in 2006). This ensures that all products comply with global regulations and safety measures. We’ve set the same standard for all our products, no matter where the end consumer is located around the world.

Audited & Certified Network

Our supplier network is routinely audited by accredited firms for evaluation of social compliance, health & safety and protection of the environment. We focus on continuous improvement, and believe in full transparency and oversight throughout the manufacturing process. We’re accountable for our customers’ brands, and only partner with accredited, reliable, and certified manufacturing facilities.

Environmental Sustainability

Form encourages environmental sustainability through practices of reduced pollution, limited emissions, and conservative energy operations. We will also make suggestions on sustainable packaging designs; with goals to limit material usage and optimize shipping costs. In addition, all our packaging contains recycled materials for improved efficiency and limited waste.

Quality Control

In additional to internal factory QA/QC procedures, Form’s team of quality control inspectors will conduct both in-line and post production inspections for all outgoing goods. This oversight helps ensure brand integrity, consistency, safety and reliability for all our customer’s products. All production lots are rigorously inspected before shipment, and will not be released without a valid inspection report.

Global Security Verification

Form has implemented supply chain security standards to protect all levels of global trade. This includes identifying and mitigating potential security risks such as illegal trafficking, terrorist acts and breach in confidentiality. We continuously look to bolster IP protection and encourage all our OEM partners to engage in the programs to increase global security, risk control, and safety assurance.

Safety and Testing

We have extensive experience and strong working relationships with the world’s leading testing laboratories. All products are routinely tested before first shipment, and will not be shipped without a valid passing test report. In addition, incoming raw materials and purchased parts are randomly tested at the factory level to identify toxic chemicals and other hazardous substances.